Community Outreach

Carroll County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Demonstration

On Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Sheriff DeWees and Officer Yox from the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department brought K-9 Officer “Pinky” (Blood Hound trained for tracking people) out to Golden Crest Assisted Living off of Nelson Road in Westminster. The residents learned lots of information about Pinky and her breed, her extensive training, and her job as an officer in this County. Pinky was also put to work while she visited. The blood hound acquired the scent off of one of our staff member’s shoes, tracked her steps through the grass, and located her on a back porch area. After the demonstration was complete, Pinky was able to visit with all of the residents. She was extremely friendly. The dog received lots of back rubs as well as pumpkin and peanut butter dog treats that the residents made special for her. The residents thought it was funny when Pinky attempted to retrieve a tennis ball from the bottom of one of their walker legs. The Golden Crest bus transported residents from all three Hampstead locations for this special event.thumbnail_k9 demo GC 116

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