senior living

We offer engaging activities for our residents to enjoy, ensuring there’s always something for everyone. Plus, we’re continually introducing new events and opportunities for community involvement.

  • Outings, such as going out to lunch, the senior center, or the park
  • Daily Exercises such as volleyball, chair dancing, and total body workouts
  • Brain Stimulating Trivia
  • Writing Exercises
  • Interaction with animals provided by Pets on Wheels, a non-profit organization established to promote animal assisted therapy services
  • Bingo Games once per week
  • Other Organized Games such as Dominoes, Uno, Scrabble, etc.
  • Themed Teas
  • Library Reader that comes out and provides resident with books on tape, large print books, and DVD’s to cater to individual interests
  • Group Cooking Experiences
  • Group Crafts
  • Individual one on one time catered to each residents’ interests
  • Non-denominational bible study and other church services
  • Weekly Entertainment
  • Weekly Hairdresser
  • Nails

Sometimes with age, it is more difficult to participate in activities that were once enjoyed. However, keeping a positive mindset and staying active are essential for an aging person’s over all well-being. Our staff works with each resident to create senior living activities at all of our Maryland locations.