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Smaller Is Better…

About our Residental Assisted Living Facilities in Carroll County, MD

“I’ve been saying that for years, and now the rest of the world is saying it too.
The “Big Box” communities have been hit harder by COVID-19 than Residential Assisted Living homes coast to coast. That is for many reasons, but the fact is RAL homes have had only minor disruption in service and the health of their residents resulting in limited impact over all. Many of the safety protocols we have been operating with for years are only now being recognized and copied by Big Box communities.
When it comes right down to it, smaller homes are safer overall with better caregiver-to-resident ratios. They are actual homes and not hotels or institutions pretending to be. The need for Residential Assisted Living homes is growing by the day. Residents are moving out of larger facilities and into RAL homes because they are recognizing that smaller is better. There is also growing “pent up demand” as many families have opted to take care of their elderly loved ones that need assistance at home. That is creating a lot of stress and family pressures that they are anxious to resolve.
The good news is this pent up demand will be exploding onto the market, filling beds from coast to cost. The need is bigger than ever and to help meet the demand for more beds and RAL homes, the RAL Academy has expanded their training options to include a virtual 3-Day FAST TRACK training experience. There has never been a better time to start or expand within the RAL industry.
Always remember to Do Good And Do Well.”

-Gene Guarino, Founder, AL Family


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Assisted living facilities in Maryland that include personalized care to maintain independence and quality of life.

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Assisted Living Carroll County Md


Functional focused care to stay active with friends.

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See our five assisted living facilities locations in Carroll County, Maryland.

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The Golden Crest Assisted Living Story


Golden Crest is a family owned and operated licensed assisted living facility in Maryland. We have been in operation in Carroll County, Maryland for 30 years providing the best assisted living care possible. The Meekins family is intimately connected with many of the Golden Crest Assisted Living Facilities families. Our Carroll County roots have presented opportunities for interaction with the residents and their families in everyday life in a wide range of social settings. We live, work and worship in this community and pride ourselves in the quality, assisted living we offer to our neighbors with five local assisted living facilities. Golden Crest has a vested interest in serving our community with excellence.

We provide a comfortable, friendly, safe environment for seniors who require personalized assistance. Golden Crest Assisted Living is committed to creating an affordable family atmosphere where our residents can associate with their peers and live in a home-like setting geared to not only their specific needs, but enriching their lives with social outings, daily physical exercise, writing exercises, crafts and more. We are committed to creating a family atmosphere where seniors can relate to their peers and live in a “home-like setting” tailored to their specific needs. The families of the Golden Crest residents can rest at ease knowing their loved ones are in good hands and being treated with tender care.

We have assisted living facilities in Carroll County, MD with multiple locations in Westminster, Maryland and Hampstead, Maryland.