Life Hacks for Seniors

Posted: May 21, 2020

6 Life Hacks for Seniors

Life hacks for seniors? Are you wondering what is a life hack? It is a strategy or technique implemented to manage one’s time and daily activities in an easier more efficient way. It is like a trick or cheat for making life easier. As we age there is no denying that some daily tasks might not be as easy as they were in our younger years. Changes in health, memory, or mobility can have challenging effects on the ease of our routine. Here are some simple life hacks to improve the lives of the aging population or for any age at that matter.


Add Grip to Rugs

When a senior falls, he or she doubles their risk of falling again. This is why preventing a fall is so important to your quality of life as you get older. One of the best safety tips for seniors is to secure any area rugs in your home by using grip tape, non-skid liners or even double-sided tape to help keep them from sliding around under your feet.

Medication List Life Hacks

If you have a mobile phone, take a picture of your list of medications (plus doses and times you take them) in case you need to quickly consult them or show them to a doctor. Alternatively, keep a paper list in your wallet or purse.

life hacks for seniors

Rubber Glove Grippers

Having a hard time opening a jar? Perhaps you can’t grip as tightly as before, or your hand keeps slipping. There are many products out there to assist with arthritis and difficulty gripping but there is also a simple life hack. Wear a pair of A pair of dish washing gloves or rubber padded work gloves and it will make opening a jar much easier.

Handrails and Grab Bars

Get a hold of yourself and mount grab bars around house. As we age, railings and handles become a must-have. Add grab bars to your bathroom first, since the bathroom is the most common room for falls

Color Coded Keys Life Hacks

If all your keys look the same, it can be hard to figure out which one is which without trying them all. To save yourself time, use different nail polishes to color code the ends of your keys!

Remember a Word

If you are struggling and cannot seem to remember a word, here is a useful life hack. According to studies, clenching your fist helps with improving memory by increasing brain activity and making it easier to remember a word. So next time you cannot remember a certain word, clench your fist… but not in anger.