Touring an Assisted Living Home

Posted: June 7, 2020

Tips for Touring an Assisted Living Home


touring an assisted living home

Relocating to an assisted living facility is a significant adjustment for elderly adults and their families alike. Seniors must keep in mind that they are looking for a new home; a place where they will feel safe and have their needs met, where they will be happy and comfortable. It is important to do some research; read reviews of communities and see what others have to say prior to touring an assisted living home. Then, visit several senior living communities for personal tours.

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, this will provide some tips for touring an assisted living home.

Take a Formal Tour and Walk Around

Attending a formal tour informs you of the services and amenities the facility offers. Often, the tour is facilitated by a staff member who can answer any questions and give you all of the important details. But if you want to see what the assisted community truly feels like, ask a staff member to walk around the facility with you one on one. You can visit the cafeteria, walk down the halls, and talk to the staff and residents. This will give you a better idea about what your loved one will really experience.

Observe the Condition of the Buildings and Grounds

When approaching the community, make sure there are outdoor gathering areas for residents to enjoy the fresh air. Examine the maintenance of the parking lots, walkways and landscaping. Is the reception area welcoming? Are the hallways and communal areas bright and inviting?  Instead of visiting during an open house event, schedule a tour on an off day to truly get an accurate “feel” for the community.

When Touring an Assisted Living Home Talk to the Residents

The seniors will love to talk to you and they’re definitely more than willing to answer some questions.

Here are a few questions you can ask the residents in order to get more information about the facility:

Are the caregivers friendly?

How long have you lived here?

What are your activities during the day?

Do you like living here?

Observe the Staffs Interactions with the Seniors

It is extremely important to observe how the staff treats the seniors when they think no one is around. Do they talk to the senior differently? Does their demeanor change? How do they respond to the senior’s needs? By observing the staff that are in the background, interacting with other senior residents, you will get a better idea about how your loved one will be handled.

What are the Security Measures?

As you tour the facility, make sure to see if it’s safe enough for seniors. Are there grab bars in the bathroom? Are the floors nonslip? How do they manage the resident’s medications? How often is the nurse available? Ask how the facility handles certain medical emergencies.

Let Your Instinct Guide

When touring an assisted living home, did one feel more inviting and comfortable than another? Was the staff more welcoming? Were social activities offered that match individual interests? In the end, it’s important to make the choice that will provide the most comfortable experience, both now and in the future.

There are several aspects to consider when choosing an assisted living home for yourself or your loved one. Golden Crest Assisted Living offers five locations nestled in residential communities in Carroll County Maryland. We offer many planned activities to keep our residents entertained and we have plenty of open outdoor space for our residents to enjoy.  If you and your loved one would like to take a tour of any Golden Crest Assisted Living location in Carroll County, feel free to contact Nancy at (410) 239-1224 ext. 1.