Women’s History Month

Posted: March 15, 2021

Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month! This celebration in the United States traces back to 1911 with International Women’s Day. Now, the entire month of March is dedicated to honoring women’s contributions in American history. We all have special women that have influenced our lives and there is no better time to show them the appreciation they deserve. Below are some ideas to give tribute to these important ladies and thank them for their contributions to enriching our lives while empowering other females.

Write a Thank You Letter

Write a thank you letter to a woman who inspires you. It is the little things that count and a short, sweet note showing your appreciation will go a long way.

Reminisce for Women’s History Month

Grab an old photo album and sit down with mom, grandma, or an aunt and remember the women who influenced them. Share personal history and stories that can be passed on to loved ones for generations.

Learn a New Hobby

Does the special female in your life have a hobby you would like to learn? Maybe she is an amazing cook or baker? Does she paint or make pottery? Ask her to show you how! Learning something new is a fun activity that you both can enjoy!

Support Local Women

Volunteer at a local women’s shelter, donate clothes or household item, or mentor females to give back to the local community.

Go Shopping for Women’s History Month

Support women-owned businesses. The number of women-owned businesses are increasing, but still represent the minority of business owners. March is a perfect time to support these small businesses.

Create a Memorable Experience by Giving to Others

Learn from or teach another lady how to crochet, knit, or sew. Make scarves or blankets that can be donated to local facilities. It is not only helping the community, but it is also quality time with a loved one.


Who does not love flowers? With the pandemic, it may be more difficult to visit an elderly loved one in an assisted living facility so sent them something to brighten up their day.

Have Movie Night

Host a movie night with the important women in your life. Watch a movie that embraces women from history, or something directed by a female.


Golden Crest is a woman owned and operated licensed assisted living facility in Carroll County, Maryland. Kim, the owner of Golden Crest, and her family have a vested interest in serving the community with excellence for 32 years. Their Carroll County roots have presented opportunities for interaction with the residents and their families in everyday life in a wide range of social settings. They live, work and worship in this community and pride themselves in the quality, assisted living they offer to their neighbors with five local assisted living facilities.

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